Collegiate Visionary Resources

***The resources are mere suggestions to jumpstart your process of achieving educational, financial, and professional goals. Write The Vision “See It, Believe It, Achieve It” LLC does not partner with any websites listed below.***






What’s your PASSION? What’s your vision? Keep track of your goals, projects, ideas and more with the Passion Planner!


Passion Planner


Planning for College 

Need a jumpstart planning for college? Here you will find resources for guidance counselors, parents and students when planning for college!


High School Action Plan

National Association for College Admission

Selecting the Right College

College location? Classroom size? Student population? Are you concerned about these things? Find the college that would be a good fit for you here! Also, schedule campus visits once you narrow down your list of prospective institutions!



College Xpress

Big Future (College Board)

Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Vocational (Trade) Schools

SAT/ACT Preparation

Preparation is key! Get an overview of the ACT/SAT and take practice tests!



ACT Preparation

Kaplan ACT Test Preparation

The ACT Student Test Preparation

Prep Scholar Test Preparation

SAT Preparation

Kaplan SAT Test Preparation

Major Test SAT Test Preparation

Princeton Review SAT Test Preparation

SAT/ACT Waiver Program

Testing fees can become quite expensive! Find out if you are eligible for a SAT/ACT waiver!



SAT/ACT Testing Waiver Eligibility


SAT/ACT Registration

Register for the SAT/ACT here!



SAT Registration

ACT Registration

Composing College Admission Essays

Need tips for writing a good admissions essay! Check out these tips?



Drafting Your Admissions Essay

College Admission Application Waivers

Those college application fees can add up quickly! Click here to find out if you are eligible



NACAC Request For Application Fee Waiver Form


Financial Literacy

Understand how to financially plan for college and smart borrowing (student loans) to cover college expenses



360 Financial Literacy (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

Financial Planning for College Students

Personal Finance For College Students

Understanding Student Loans


Private Student Loans Guide

LendEDU-Financial Aid, Student Loans, Budgeting

Perspectives on On-Campus vs. Off Campus Housing

Undecided on whether living on-campus, off campus or at home is the best for you? Maybe these articles will provide the objective perspective that you need!



Pros and Cons of Living At Home During College

10 Reasons To Live In A Dorm

Living On Campus vs Living Off Campus

Should My College Student Live Off Campus?

Federal Application For Student Aid




Financial Aid and FAFSA Guide

Federal Application For Student Aid

Financial Aid for Online College Students

Scholarships & Financial Aid for Career College Students

Financial Aid for STEM Education

Scholarship Links

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Find additional aid for college!





The Ultimate Guide to College Scholarships

How to Fund Your College Education: Maggie O’Neil

Types of Student Aid Available (Student Financial Aid)



Big Future (College Board)


FormSwift Scholarship

Minority Scholarships

100 Minority Scholarships

Minority Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships (Categorized by major field of study)

International Student Scholarships

International Student & Study Abroad Scholarships

International Scholarships

Scholarships 4 Development

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

Graduate Students

Would like editors to review your work for publication?

Struggling to complete your dissertation?

Check out these sites!



Thesis/Dissertation Editors

Precision Consulting (Dissertation Editor)

Dissertation Editor

Cambridge Proofreading, LLC (Thesis & Dissertation)

Elite Editing (Thesis & Dissertation)

Dissertation Institute 

Dissertation Success Institute

Career Development

How should I format my resume, cover letter or portfolio?

Check out these links!


Resume/Cover Letter/Portfolio

Developing Your Professional Portfolio


A network of peers or mentors can assist in professional growth and aide in the transition from the college graduate to the working professional. Check out these links for tips on effective networking!


Forbes: How To Network The Right Way

Business Insider: How To Network Like A Pro

Entrepreneur: How To Network When You’re An Introvert


Search these links for internships and career opportunites!





USA Jobs (Students and Recent Graduates)


Higher Ed Jobs



Community Service Opportunities

Always find time to give back!

Volunteer Match






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