Monday Motivation – “Three Tips to Help You Get to Work”

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” -Jeremiah 29:11

You have created your vision board. You have a plan in place. Now its time to get to work! Execution is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to “CHANGE”. You are charting unknown territory, but let me assure you, YOU GOT THIS! Here are three tips to help you slay your goals in 2018!

Get an accountability partner(s) 

According to the ministry of Merriam-Webster, accountability is defined as subject to giving an account; capable of being explained. We all have one person who will hold us accountable. Check-in with them. Make sure that you support them as well! Don’t be SELFISH. Lol.

Get a mentor (WISE COUNSEL)

According to the manufacturer’s manual (The Bible), Proverbs 4:13 says: “Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life”. A mentor can assist you on your journey of growth and success. They deposit knowledge, and are wise. They are seasoned in the game, and help you bear productive fruit. I have two mentors/advisors: career and faith.

Reward your progress

You slayed your goal,  you’re pretty AWESOME sooo celebrate! Now don’t throw a party every time, but definitely take some time recognize that you are DOPE and tapping into the potential that was planted in you!

I wish you all a productive and prosperous week!

Feel free to comment! I would love to hear your thoughts! What helps you slay your goals?



Monday Motivation – “Envision Your Vision for 2018 Part 4”

OMG Merry Christmas and Happy Monday Gems and Gents! You made it to Part 4 of the “Envision Your Vision For 2018”. It’s time to create your vision board! Whoop Whoop! Your Vision Board should spark something in you that makes you want to work toward every day to see it come to fruition.

We listed our goals, categorized them, assessed where we are (S.W.O.T. Analysis), and created S.M.A.R.T. Goals! You crafted a plan for your vision to come to fruition and U.E.N.O. it! (See what I did there!)

There are different types of vision boards that you can create. It’s up to you, how your creative juices flow! I provided examples from Pinterest to assist you. It DEFINITELY helped me!

Words of Affirmation Vision Board

This is a collage of BOLD words and quotes like:


Photo Credit: Inspiring Splendour

Life Planner Vision Board

Use your list of goals to find images that align with it. Planning to save and purchase a home, put house on your vision board! Desire to get fit, put workouts and other fitness pics on your vision board! Desire a promotion or  work for another company, PUT IT ON DA BOARD! Yes, I meant DA BOARD. You already listed the steps you will need to get you there using the S.M.A.R.T. goal method! PUT THE IMAGE ON THERE! I’m not yelling, I just like the caps lock for emphasis. Lol!

Photo Credit: Simple Mom Journey

Business Vision Board

Business owner? Aspiring business owner? Create a vision board for your company.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Student Vision Boards

Want to get your kids or students strategically thinking about their future? Have them create a vision board! It gets them focused on the things they need to do to achieve the goals and results they desire!


Now, don’t just post this vision board on a wall, and not take action! You WILL have to do the work that is required! Need help, find an accountability partner! I will be hosting vision board sessions beginning May 2018 if you reside in the DC, MD, VA area! I must finish my PhD first! Lol. I want you all to have my full attention, when you reach out. I also want you to walk away from my workshops with a new found friend/accountability partner. STAY TUNED IN 2018!

Thank you for allowing me to help you WRITE YOUR VISION







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Monday Motivation – “Envision Your Vision For 2018 Part 3”

Happy Monday Gems and Gents! Welcome to Part 3 of “Envision Your Vision For 2018”. I appreciate you hanging in there. This week we are going to focus on developing S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

Now, take out the list of goals you created in Part 1/Week 1. I bet you were wondering when we were going to tackle that list, huh?  You broke your goals down into 5 different categories: Relationships, Health, Wealth, Religion/Spirituality, and Career. If you added a category or two, its cool! The categories I provided were for you to use as a guide. Whether you are looking to slay a 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year goal, it is imperative to BREAK IT DOWN!

I am going to use one goal from my “Career: Write The Vision” category as an example.

Specific – Be clear, and specific about what you want to do.

For Example:

Increase Write The Vision “See It, Believe It, Achieve It” LLC social media followers (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Measurable – How you will track your goal. How will you know when you have achieved it?

For Example:

Review analytics for each social media platform.

Attainable – Is it something you can handle. Do you have the skill sets, or resources to slay this goal? If not, how can you get them? (Look at the “opportunities” you listed on your S.W.O.T. Analysis..see how all this is coming together!)

For Example:

Post two brand related posts per day on social media outlets (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to increase brand awareness, and engage with target audience. Pick a weekend day (Saturday), and spend one hour drafting social media posts for the next week. I will create a Hootsutie account to schedule two posts per day on social media (I can and will forget. Lol.This was advice from @i_amrachelg!). With a full-time job, and school (soon to be PhinisheD), this is feasible for me.

Relevant – Why is this goal applicable to your life?

For Example:

Sharing posts and content relative to my brand, informs my target audience of the services I provide, addresses their concerns, and ensures I meet their needs as a potential consumer.

Time-Specific – When do you want to achieve your goal?

For Example:

Increase Twitter followers by 10 by the end of Quarter 2 (June 2018)

Increase Instagram followers by 25 by the end of Quarter 2 (June 2018)

Increase Facebook likes by 15 by the end of Quarter 2 (June 2018)

(This is will give me time to assess whether this method works, or if I need to go back to the drawing board. I interact more on Instagram.  This will push me to increase my presence in other areas).

Welp, get to work!

Congratulations, you have completed Part 3! Part 4 will focus on construction your vision board! Whoop Whoop! You didn’t do all this work for nothing! Start gathering your favorite magazines! I will be going Live on Instagram (IG as the young people say) Wednesday, December 20, 2017 @ 8:00pm to answer any questions you may have!




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Monday Motivation: “Envision Your Vision For 2018 Part 2”

Happy Monday Gems and Gents! Now that you have conquered Part 1, it’s time to slay your S.W.O.T. Analysis! In order for your vision to come to fruition, it is imperative you examine where you are now. A  S.W.O.T. Analysis is the perfect tool! Many businesses incorporate this tool in strategic planning. We are strategically planning to slay goals, so we need to conduct a S.W.O.T. Analysis.

BE HONEST! You can no longer fake it til’ you make it! Been there, done that, got SEVERAL t-shirts.

Let’ get started!


A good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person.

For example, some of my strengths are:



Creative writing


Planning events

My list was long, so I figured five was good. Lol.

What are you good at? Are you currently using your strengths in your current profession?


Areas in which you can improve. We will call these  “growth spurts”. We all have areas that we can mature/improve in.

For example, some of my weaknesses are:

PROCRASTINATION – (I have been delivered after taking My Coach Josh 9 Week  Course. This was a big one for me though!)

Seeking guidance/advice from others – (I N D E P E N D E N T yeah you know what that mean (in my Lil’ Boosie voice)..I am learning to seek wise counsel cause Jesus told me to do so! Don’t believe me check Proverbs 12:15, Proverbs 11:14, Proverbs 19:20-21..TOLD YA!

Constructive criticism


Social Media Engagement (I have loyalty issues. I’m team Facebook but I’m getting better at using other social media outlets to promote my business)

Consistent content

Easily distracted (Barnes & Nobles is officially my second home. If I’m home, its a wrap. I WILL find other things to do! Lol)

Wheeeeeew, now that I have laid down my burdens, let’s move on to the next item!


A set of circumstances that make it possible to do something. Identify opportunities available that could help you achieve your goals!

Identify opportunities that can help you achieve your goals.

For example, opportunities that are available to me, and align with the goals I identified are:

Freelance work

Workshops/Seminars (Relationships, Financial Literacy/Management, Personal Development, Homeownership)

Joining professional organizations


There are opportunities around you to perfect your craft get a new skill set, let got of the past, heal, and grow! Identify what they are, and capitalize on them!


A person or thing likely to cause damage or danger. Identify who or what is getting in your way!

Things that threaten my vision coming to fruition are:

Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real – quote by my Passah Yolanda Lemon of Embassy Life Deliverance Ministries International…yes, I said Passah!)



Opinions of others (God didn’t give everyone your vision. Don’t let their eyesight blur your vision)

SACRIFICE (I must be willing to sacrifice time to perfect my craft! #teamnosleep2018)..If I don’t do it someone else will!

Welp, that wraps it up for Part 2! Take your time!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 @ 8:00pm I will be going LIVE on Instagram to answer any questions you may have, or just chat! Follow me on IG:

Congratulations, you have slayed Part 2! Next week, Part 3, we will pick five goals that we want to focus on in 2018! We are going to be S.M.A.R.T. about our goals! See you next week!


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Monday Motivation: “The Past Is History! Let Go and Let God”

Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing; Now it springs up; do you conceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland” -Isaiah 43:18-19

The past is history right? However, there are two reasons that we look back:

Dwelling–  Replaying situations over and over again to figure out  “WHY”. We desire closure in order to move on. Do we really need it though? Will you get the answers that you want? Will it help your healing/whole process? Dwelling doesn’t help you! It keeps you stuck in an experience that has past. You are choosing to reside in the past.

Deliverance–  This is when you look back and see how far you have come. Your growth, change, and forward focus was fueled by the lessons learned from your past. Deliverance is the action of being rescued or set free!

Set yourself free! Why are you letting your past incarcerate you? I have been there. I occasionally have to bail myself out of jail! I encourage you to look back and see your DELIVERANCE!

God is trying to do a new thing in you, but he can’t take you to greener pastures if you are dwelling on the past! LET GO AND LET GOD use your  past as evidence that he makes crooked paths straight! Let him use what the enemy tried to abuse!

I wish you all a prosperous and productive week!

Regina Warren, Founder of Write The Vision “See It, Believe It, Achieve It” LLC


Monday Motivation: “Take A Knee When You’re Injured”

“May the Lord answer you when you are in distress. May the name of the God of Jacob protect you.” -Psalm 20:1

You know it fascinates me when players get injured on the football field, opposing players take a knee. It is considered a sign of respect and concern when someone is hurt. We get injured physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally! It’s time to “take a knee.”

Life can consume you, and become a heavy weight. You don’t have to carry it by yourself! Who is on your medical staff when you are injured? I know someone who is on call 24/7. GOD.

God gave you vision, exercise it! Your eyesight can fool you into thinking that you can’t get past your injury. You see yourself limping, but God sees you walking!

Exercise: What are your injuries? Find a quiet place and write them down. The irony in this exercise is that these are the ways the enemy is attacking you. So what do you need to do? Construct your playbook! No fancy X’s, O’s or arrows. Lol. Your playbook will help you overcome the defensive line. There is a word for every injury.  Pull out your bible, open your bible app, and start constructing your playbook. YOU GOT THIS! You will see how your mind will shift from injured to healed, your TESTimony!

You are no longer injured! You just need a little physical therapy every once in a while! 🙂

I wish you all a prosperous and productive week!

XOXOXOX (Your Visionary In Charge, Regina)



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Monday Motivation: “Don’t Let The Devil Disrupt What God Instructs”

Pictured above are three things: trees, a path, and what appears to be a s-shaped root covering a clear path…………..

“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you” -Psalm 25:4-5

Now I am no biblical scholar by any means, but through much self-reflection I discovered this truth: God gives clear instructions, and the devil makes suggestions! The picture above depicts God’s plan and path for your life. The s-shaped root covering the clear path represents the MANY ways we stray from that path. You know, praying for a sign and then taking action ourselves instead of patiently waiting.

Gems and Gents, your purpose will be fulfilled if you listen to God’s instructions, and not fall victim to Satan’s (the enemy) suggestions. Satan has taken a peek into your future, and IT IS GREAT. Soooo what is his job: TO STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY. He will suggest detours and recalculate your route to get you off course.

Pay attention, because his suggestions are subtle! Sometimes the fastest route isn’t always the best route.

I wish you all productive week Gems and Gents! May you accomplish EVERY goal you set for yourself this week!




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Monday Motivation: The Pit Prepares You For The Peak

This mountain represents the pits and peaks we experience in life. I have had many pit and peek moments.  I will have more and so will you. The reality is that our pit experiences prepare us for our peak.

Your struggles, trials, obstacles, and challenges  have a way of molding you into the person you were created to be. I used to worry, panic, stress, and totally shutdown in my pit experiences. Those negative emotions crippled me. I was afraid to be the best version of myself. I was afraid to climb and obtain my “peak” moment.

Your pit experience could be the loss of a loved one, finances, job, relationship, health issues, loss of a business venture or a number of things! I could go on and on. Experience is defined as “an event or occurrence that leaves and impression on someone.” How you perceive that moment will determine how you work through that moment! Will some situations, circumstances, and events feel like the end of the world? ABSOLUTELY…You want to know the truth?…..IT’S NOT!

I encourage you to embrace your pit experiences because they prepare you for your peak! Every perceived failure that you may have had, I bet you learned something from it! So did you technically fail? No, Plan A just didn’t work. Time for plan B,C,D,E,F…. Allow your pit experiences to mold you into the King’s and Queen’s you were destined to be when you reach the peak of your mountain!




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Monday Motivation Binge

Hey Gems and Gents! I didn’t forget about you!

I did forget to inform you that I have created a YouTube Channel for Monday Motivation….Whoop Whoop! I will incorporate a blog and vlog post so that you have options! Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Write The Vision. My goal for 2017 is raise enough funds to provide two book scholarships for one high school student and one college student! So please give me a thumbs up, subscribe, and share! ENJOY!

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Miss me or Nah?

Yes, I saw Girls Trip. YES, IT WAS AMAZING. Ohh and I cut my hair! 

Heeeeeeeeeeey Gems and Gents! I have been so focused on slaying goals that I forgot to keep in touch with you wonderful people! Sooooooo, take a seat, kick back, and relax as I serve you the tea of my life!

Well, I got a life coach. WHHHHHHAAAAAAT! Yep, I sure did. I can’t inspire you to write your vision if I am not surrounding myself with wise counsel to hold me accountable for mine right? My sessions have been AMAZING! I didn’t realize how scatterbrained I was. Wait, is that a word? Hmm… let’s just say I had A LOT of ideas and things I wanted to accomplish in life that I needed to organize and prioritize. Pretty soon I will have my PhD (#ABossWithMoreStudentLoanDebt…SIGH), I’m researching distance learning jobs (the classroom is NOT my ministry), I have a new work assignment (#DCMetro), I’m conducting vision board workshops (#EnvisionYourVision), hanging out with gym (#IGotGainz),  and learning and loving me while preparing for Boaz (I am so serious about this one!). I think that’s it! LOL.

I hope and pray each of you are taking strategic steps to ensure your vision comes to fruition. Are you stuck? What do I need to do to get you out of that hole? I motivate, I encourage, and I am human. Just like you, I make mistakes. I fall down, but I get up. I sometimes give up, but then I lift up my head and recognize that I was created for a purpose. I have a divine ordered assignment to encourage you! I have a testimony that I will share at a later date! Stay tuned………………

Be encouraged Gems and Gents! There is King and Queen in you! Every test, trial, peak, and valley is building a foundation for you to stand firm on! A foundation on quicksand is NOT cute! Plus if you’re like me, you don’t like sand in your toes! Random, I know. I bet you laughed though. Hahahahahahaha…

Peace, love, and coconut oil! Holla at cha later peeps!