College Deal Of The Week: Best Buy College Deals


Student Deal Of The Week: Best Buy College Student Deals

         Hey there visionaries! This week I wanted to take the time to tell you about Best Buy College Student Deals. Two years ago my laptop crashed and last year my USB broke (that was my fault) and I lost my entire dissertation (YIKES, RIGHT). Well thanks to Best Buy College Student Deals, I was able to obtain and replace these items at a pretty reasonable price!

Every three months or so, Best Buy sends coupons to my student e-mail address. I have take advantage of these deals. I have purchased a MacBook Air, USB thumb drives, TVs, and other items. As you or someone you know prepares to head back to school, why not take advantage of some of the great deals that Best Buy has to offer!

Here is how to sign up:

  • Go to Best Buy College Deals
  • Create a Best Buy Account
  • Sign up for College Student Deals
  • Check your e-mail and get to saving!
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College Deal of The Week: Student Advantage Card

Student Advantage Card

Student Deal of The Week: Student Advantage

         If you are a college student like myself, you are always looking for ways to save money right? Well, look no further! Each week I will provide you with new student deals! Now how awesome is that, CHA-CHING!

While shopping around for the latest and greatest deals, I stumbled upon the Student Advantage program. You have the choice of selecting an advantage card for 1, 2, 3, or 4 years. There is a fee. I purchased a two-year card for $30.00. Now, I shall go forth and save! YIPEE! International students can take advantage of these discounts too!

The Student Advantage program partners with various retailers and travel providers to provide discounts just for students. See list of participating retailers below.





Choice Hotels



National Car Rental


For a detailed list of participating retailers click Student Advantage






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Why I Enjoy The Perks of Being A Student



During my undergraduate years I had no idea about the student deals I was missing out on! Now they didn’t have tablets and all the fancy technology we have now in my day, BUT  if I took the time to do a little research back then I would have saved A LOT of money! Now as a doctoral student, I take advantage of ALL the deals I can. All you need is your student e-mail address! Check out some of the links I use below!

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  2. 60 Awesome Student Discounts-The Simple Dollar By: Kristen Kuchar
  3. Retail Me Not -College Students
  4. Amazon Student
  5. -2016 Student Discounts