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Hey Visionary Gems and Gents!

This resource blog started out as an idea to document my doctoral dissertation journey, and share resources for distance learning students like myself.  Welp…(cricket noise)…… that didn’t work! Lol.

One day I stumbled upon a book by Steve Harvey titled “Act Like A Success, Think Like Success.”  Decided to purchase it. Best decision ever! The first chapter of this book focused on creating a vision board. I never heard of this “vision board” thing. After some research, apparently a vision board was something I needed in my life. I was a habitual procrastinator. I have been delivered!

My vision board put things into perspective. I saw my ideal self on paper! Then came the hard part, achieving ALL that I put on that vision board. I developed “My Visionary Plan” to help me set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Success is doing what you truly love!  I’ll share my personal testimony in hopes that you will take action to see your vision for your life come to fruition! A vision board is a GREAT way to do this!

I encourage you to construct your vision board today! Download “My Visionary Plan”, and GET TO WORK! Whether you are in high school, college, or a working professional there are resources here to help you author your success story! The resources I share are recommendations to help get you started on your visionary path.


See It

Believe It

Achieve It

Regina Warren, Founder

Write The Vision “See It, Believe It, Achieve It,” LLC




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